It is true that we are living in a society where people behave like almost machines and what i see is most of the people addicted with the same life style and sometimes they do not think or not even have a sense about this. From my point of view this is not good and i think so do the most of the others.

Personally i believe that thoughts, ideas, behaviors, life style of a person is much depend on his environment.  I used the “much” because we can see some exceptional situations also. A person comes from a technical background tends to think and face most of the scenarios of his life in a closely technical manner where as a person comes from an accounting environment see most of the things in that view.


What i am trying to say is people see the world through their colored glasses and they believe that what they see is the ultimate truth and don’t care about ether’s views.  Sometimes i think this is the root cause for most of the problems of their daily life and understanding this will solve most of them.  A gang of good friends mean sometimes they all wear the same color glasses to see the world.  All of them see the same thing in very same way in same color and this tends to think there is a very good understanding between them and most of the situations they satisfy with friends advices, ideas and thoughts.

But my point is what if all of them are wrong?

Most of the people can live harmony with others when their views are quite similar or mixed properly. But there are another type of people who can live harmony and with peace in the mind even though  the views are different. I like the latter one because they are more smart.