Our initial plan is to grow Groundnuts for the up coming monsoon period starting from September. But before that there are many things to do. Prepare a land by cleaning the bushes and cut down the trees.

The Land Before Prepare for Cultivation

These pictures show how the condition of the land before make the initial preparation.  In the dry zone without water it is very hard to grow anything. Most of the farmers in this area are preparing lands for hoping to cultivate crops by the rain.

People who have wells for their lands don’t have problems but others. It is true that to prepare a well for a land for cultivation the person has to spend nearly Rs 100000.00 .  For and ordinary farmer it is very hard to spend that much and for that their solution is the monsoon rain.

By cultivating groundnuts a farmer can get around 1000 kgs from one acre and he can sell 1 kg for around Rs 100.00.  It is just 3 to 3 1/2 months to get the harvest depending on the variety that uses.

Department of Agriculture introduced 3 varieties and a farmer can select a one variety according to his preference.

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