The Perfects are Disabled…

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I just noticed this phrase on a backside of a T Shirt.

                                                  The Perfects are Disabled


In a flash it memorized all the scenarios we had to faced before we won the battle. Actually they are the heros of the country. Is it enough  just a word “Hero” ?


Should private universities be established in Sri lanka? Yes,No, or Yes with safeguarding the free education.

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One of my friend Dilan asked this problem today and he wanted me to reply soon. So I said yes. I was bit busy at the moment and i promised to discuss my view regarding this.

This is some what old topic comes and goes time to time in Sri Lanka and even in the today morning when i was rushed to the office i saw a poster with this wordings in RED color – “We regret the statement  made by the minister of the education on establishing private universities in Sri Lanka”.

This is a headache for most of the students from government universities.  It is more reasonable because when it’s comes to free education system of the country it’s need to think deeply about the matter. Up to what level so called free education is kept in the past and according to many scenarios at the recent past as well as at present created a situation where the students are in a doubtful dream.

Free education is a wonderful gift to a country like Sri Lanka and no matter we should protect it.  But if the government tries to establish private universities there should be smart answers to resulting problems too. Otherwise a this kinds of decision will be created more harmful outcomes to the country.

There is a problem with the quality of the courses conducted by private universities compared to the courses conducted at state universities(Assuming the most of the courses have a very good quality in state universities)

to be continued, bit sleepy 🙂



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